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Highest weld quality: Vehicle parts must be joined to be tight, strong, dimensionally accurate and visually impeccable. Ultrasonic welding is a fast and economic solution for this complex task.

Application groups

Engine compartment

Tightness, pressure and burst resistance, and unrestricted functionality:

ultrasonic welding fulfills these requirements for vehicle components in

the engine compartment. In filters, the filter material must be reliably

embedded and the weld must be resistant to both heat and cold.

Functional components

Complete functionality, without restriction, of integrated functional

elements is ensured in ultrasonic welding of such components. What

is more, 100% control and documentation of weld process parameters

is guaranteed. Using ultrasonics it is also possible to simultaneously

punch and weld membranes functioning as pressure balancing element (DAE).

Exterior / lights

Strength, tightness, and dimensional accuracy but also scratch-

and mark-free appearance are typical requirements. Ultrasonic

welding is a low-stress process for components and makes

complex component geometries possible.


Ultrasonics is not only suitable for joining plastic materials with

each other, but also for joining plastics andother materials, such

as metal, or wood. Even chromium components are suitable for

ultrasonic staking. By means of sonotrode grouping, it is also

possible to realize particularly demanding joining tasks, such as

welding of large instrument clusters. Brilliant surface finish and

precise gap control is achieved.